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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Straight outa Star Wars

This thing was big...and loud. Any second and Luke Skywalker was about to step out of the cockpit. Last week I found myself photographing something called a Compressor Carrier for a industrial hydraulics company based outside Durban. This behemoth is intended to provide massive amounts of compressed air for exploratory drilling in any terrain. It looked mean. To photograph it so that it looked hard and industrial, as well as intimidating I chose a low angle of view. Waiting for low light also meant that I was able to throw some hot-shoe flashes into the mix. The basic setup was a flash on camera set to about 1/2 power, flash to camera left on full power and two more flashes boomed together camera right and about 10 metres in front to light up the side and rear of the machine. Although most of the images were very simply processed, I over processed this for an industrial look that is quite popular at the moment. Lots of fun basically.

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