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Friday, December 5, 2014

Composing The Dunes Part 4 - Quiver Trees and Canyons (delayed workshop report)

Crossing the desert one last time we drove between Luderitz and the Fish River Canyon, before snaking our way back north-eastwards to the incredible scenery of the Quiver Tree forests north of Keetmanshoop. Crossing the desert was itself an experience. The tarred B4 highway shoots straight as an arrow after the permanent dunes around Kolmanskop towards the West. Distances are truly vast, particularly when you get to the flat landscape of the Khoichab depression that looks more like it should be found on Mars rather than on earth. The searing heat throws up shimmering mirages that double the sense of vastness.

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  1. It was really a worthy tour even if I am lacking words. I would love to do it again. Crossing fingers for Madagasca 2016

  2. Great blog, your enthusiasm for all things photography comes out in your writing almost as much (but not quite)as it does when you are taking your images ! Turbo charged I think is a good description ! Terrific workshop, gained so much, loved every minute of it & would recommend it to any other photographers out there who want to improve their landscape skills - plus Namibia is a beautiful place to do it in. Don't want to make you anymore jealous but the rest of my trip was truly awesome as well. Thank you Emil for all your patience & sharing your expertise & knowledge so unconditionally. It was a pleasure to have been involved in the workshop. Sue Welland