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Monday, November 24, 2014

Composing the Dunes Part 2 - Ghosts of Trees (delayed workshop report)

The thing that strikes people most strongly when they first encounter the desert is the absolute vastness. It just stretches on forever. The horizon is a shimmering mirage that intensifies the sensation of endlessness. Add a cloudless blue sky and desiccating oven-like heat and you cannot help but be overwhelmed by the waves and waves of red sand marching into the distance. This is the Namib desert. Eerily beautiful and brutally harsh in the same moment.

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  1. I have visited the Namib dessert personally with a group of my friends. We were stunned to see the strange combination of beautiful attractions and thepensters poverty in this dessert. These great pictures of yours have reminded me of my visit to this dessert.

    1. Thanks Lara. Namibia is a truly extraordinary country. I consider myself extremely fortunate that I get to visit there regularly.

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