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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wonderful Wild Coast

Holiday. Wow, what a concept. that's exactly what I've just come back from. As a freelance photographer these seem to be few and far between. Even on supposed holidays there is often a commissioned shoot that has to be organized. For once this wasn't even an option as I found myself with family in the middle of...nowhere. Not exactly nowhere of course, but certainly far from any clients or deadlines, or even electricity for that matter, at the wonderful Khululeka near the mouth of the Ntafufu River along the Wild Coast. This doesn't mean that no photographs were taken, naturally.

A number of professional photographers bemoan the fact that working as a photographer has taken the joy out of creating pictures. To me, this is a clear indication that photography is just another job, like being an accountant (apologies to any accountants who are passionate about their tables and figures), instead of a vocation. For a large number of hobbyists turned professionals, the reality of earning a living destroys the original enjoyment and creativity of the art as it was as a hobby. On the other side of the coin are the photographers who are deliriously happy with their work (long may I remain in this camp). So of course images were made, but this time purely for pleasure.

South Africa's Wild Coast is an astoundingly beautiful and rugged section of coastline that stretches from the border of Kwazulu-Natal to the area around the Kei River Mouth in the Eastern Cape Province. The area was made a traditional home-land during the Apartheid years and as a result is completely lacking in some of the most basic of rural necessities. Large tracts of populated lands are lacking in roads, electricity, running water, access to schools and clinics and much more. Towns are congested and dirty and only provide the most basic of commodities (there isn't really enough wealth in the area to afford anything more).

But it is beautiful beyond belief. Rolling hills provide for a vista around every bend of the road (and there are a lot of bends, beware traveling on these roads if you regularly get car sick!). The coastline itself is a photographers dream Lone beaches with rounded boulder rock reefs. Hills that dive into the coastline. Tranquil rivers that snake serpentine like through hills and gorges. Every minute can be filled...but of course this is a holiday and the occasional nap is definitely well warranted.

Back to work now :) Thanda time next week!

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  1. Emil great work as always. I can say after viewing a lot of your images over the last year that you are definitely improving immensely! I particularly love the pano in this series, very dynamic. Also good to hear you guys had a holiday! Cheers, and keep up the good work!