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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


At the moment it seems that almost the entire southern hemisphere is experiencing heavy rains. This is to the point that in both Australia and Brazil there has been catastrophic flooding. So far South Africa has been lightly hit with the worst quasi-flooding occurring over the last weekend. I say quasi-flooding as the rain hasn't caused nearly as much damage as in other countries and people are still not seeing this in the same light as the 1987/88 floods that wreaked havoc across the country. What has occurred is that the level of dams have risen to their highest levels since the 87/88 floods.

I took the opportunity to visit Gariep Dam, one of the largest of South Africa's dam walls, on the Orange river while in the Free State over the weekend. The site was pretty incredible for someone who is not used to seeing a dam at overflow point (it doesn't happen that regularly in this country and is certainly rare for the semi-arid interior). A great shoot all told. Now we all just hope that the rain is ultimately beneficial and that we don't have the same problems that Australia and Brazil are experiencing. We wait and see.

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