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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Visiting Trend Town

Cape Town is one of those funny places that I can never decide whether I love or not. It's beautiful, don't for a second think that I don't realise that. Therein lies part of the problem. It's stunningly beautiful. Even the people are beautiful! I've just gotten back from a shoot where I was to photograph a couple of hotels and the interiors of some of their bathrooms (the Westin and the One and Only in particular). I loved it. Great trip. But it got me thinking about the Mother City once more. Each time I go there I get mixed feelings about the place. This time around it was all positive. The weather worked, the light was great and we managed to get off with a good set of images. But I have also been there when the weather is awful, the populace as welcoming as the French to their British guests, the traffic terrible and the beautiful mountain non-existent (not so much having a 'table-cloth' of cloud as being enveloped in it entirely).

It's what you make of a place as to whether you enjoy it there or not. just watch out for those cities that have a bi-polar disorder. Cape Town is one of them. One second you love it, the next it's hell on earth (albeit a soggy, cold, windy one). This time round Cape Town smiled on us and the weather was wonderful. 

I'll be writing shortly about the making of the first image. It's an example of why it is important to be patient. I wasn't, and the result was an unnecessary amount of time in Photoshop when another 5 minutes wait would have meant a shot that was ready to go almost immediately (to add a spoiler...I got impatient waiting for the streetlights to light up and left). 

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