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Photo Writing is the web version of the Photo Writing mini-magazine produced by Limephoto and Emil von Maltitz since 2010. As of 2015 it is now completely online. Feel free to browse through the articles and please leave comments in the comments section if you would like to engage with us.


  Gear Reviews 

 Occasionally I get sent equipment to review. I am not an ambassador for anything except Triggertrap (although all I got out of that was a trigger and the app, which I would have bought anyway after having used it). This means that all the reviews (including the Triggertrap which was written before I theoretically became an ambassador for the product) are written from a critical and hopefully unbiased point of view. If I don't like a product I say so, as well as saying why. That said, most of the products I have reviewed I have enjoyed using (not all though) and try to explain why. The links below are to the various reviews. 




Tripod Heads 



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