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Friday, September 26, 2014

BTS - Carpet shoot timelapse

I have been doing a bit of work recently for an advertising company in Durban that have a carpet manufacturer as one of their clients. Usually the work is fairly ho-hum...glorified photocopier work essentially. You need to be able to understand colour and workflow so that you get accurate reproduction of colour. Basically you don't want to have a client look at the brochure and think that there is zero similarity between the product and the picture.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Johannesburg - A View From The Top

I was recently up in Johannesburg to finish a project for a client and took the opportunity to visit a friend living in the CBD of the city. For many people the city of Johannesburg is synonymous with unchequed rampant crime, squalor and poverty. Those with the means travel in and out as fast possible and only exit their vehicles once they are within the secured confines of a parking building. As an outsider to the city I too used to this was the case until I completed a project for Standard Bank in 2010.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

FLM CP26-S4S Tripod Review - Pint Sized Stability

I have just finished writing up the review on the carbon-fiber FLM CP26-S4S tripod. The full review is accessible on the Limephoto review page.

In short, this is a very impressive little tripod that makes a fantastic travel companion for a photographer needing a light, easily packed tripod. Read the review for the full set of impressions.

The tripod is available from Sunshineco. in Cape Town, who will also no doubt be at the Johannesburg Photo Expo in November.

As a bonus to anyone buying from Sunshineco, mention Emil or Limephoto and you will receive a 15% on your FLM purchase. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Looking At The World Through A Lens

Time for a little introspection: what is it that drives me to create images, to take photographs? To answer properly I have to turn this into a discussion. It’s quite an important discussion as the answer is different for every photographer. Understanding the motivations behind creating images has the potential to refine our vision, to make us better photographers ultimately. Its not an easy introspection either and I suspect that the answers that it conjures shift over time. Nevertheless, every photographer should at some point stop and consider why it is that they feel the need to view the world through a lens.