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Monday, August 2, 2010

Chasing bugs - Late July St Lucia Workshop

Whenever there seems to be little else to truly inspire me, the bugs come out. One of the reasons why I shoot macro is simply the availability of subject matter. To be a great wildlife photographer one has to spend at inordinate amount of time in the bush following wildlife. Unless you already have a job that allows you this kind of access, full-time wildlife photographer is an extremely hard profession to follow, an most definitely an exorbitantly expensive one too. Macro, on the other hand, allows a photographic safari in miniature the moment you step out the door. Not that I wouldn't love to go an shoot exotic animals in far-flung corners of the world mind you. But until National Geographic comes beating a path to my door to hurl obscene amounts of equipment at me along with a return flight to 'insert dream photographic destination here', I'll just have to keep shooting the little critters.

Which is what I found myself doing in between teaching this last week in St Lucia. A wonderful and varied group accompanied me in St Lucia for the monthly 'introduction to digital photography' workshop. Assignments flew at them on each day as I added a couple of exercises to the usual mix of seminars and shooting exercises. Rain also  had a part to play, keeping us on our toes and praying fervently that we'd be able to get out and take photographs without resorting to waterproof gear and sodden lenses.

I reiterate, one of the best things about a workshop is the complete immersion in photography along with spending time with a group of people who are as interested in the subject as you might be. Spouses might roll their eyes when you mention for the umpteenth time the latest technique or this piece of equipment that could potentially open up creative doors (I have a particularly understanding spouse who pretends not to get bored...although to be fair she's a photographer too...I really am lucky!). But, fellow workshoppers will perk up and add their 2 cents to the conversation.

Once again, thanks to a lovely group (Megs, Nil, Simon, Halez, Azu and Danny). I am constantly invigorated by my students and this group was no different.

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