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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Five...but not.

For once it wasn't work, but a well earned rest with Jackie. Of course, saying that it wasn't work only means that I wasn't paid. Last weekend Jackie and I took our first 'holiday' in three years. What a fantastic experience. No stress, no pressure from clients or students. Of course a camera was still involved though.

We spent two nights at Madike River Lodge in the North West Province as a prize for last year's runner up image in the Getaway Gallery annual competition. True to form I spent more time photographing the reserves smaller denizens and its beautiful surroundings than the large population of lion and elephant (I'll leave that to the 'real' wildlife photographers).

Not that there weren't lions mind you. Within the first kilometre to the reserve we were welcomed by an enormous male with an extremely well maintained mane. He lazely saluted us with a yawn before we ventured deeper into the reserve. But it was chameleons and the like, my usual stock in trade, along with stormy skies that entranced. With any luck I'll be able to return. Maybe next time, I'll be paid to do so ;)

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