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Monday, November 1, 2010

October St Lucia Workshop

 Last week's blog post is somewhat delayed due to a rather frenetic week of writing and teaching. It's incredible to think November has already rolled round. Yikes, where did the year go to.

the week before last I had a fantastic and large group of students in St Lucia. Ten of them in fact. The largest group I'm prepared to take on this kind of workshop. 4 days of living, breathing and eating photography can be absolutely exhausting for a workshop goer, but the results always speak for themselves.

On the first evening we had fun chasing storm light down at the mouth of the St Lucia Estuary (can you call it a mouth when it hasn't been open to the sea in years?). The trick was catching the bursts of lightening when the ambient light was still too high for sufficiently long shutter speeds. Sean (http://seantilden.wordpress.com/), a fellow photog working at African Impact was just squeezing off image after image and managed to get some decent lighting as a result. I was attempting some sort of pattern (really?!?!? madness) and managed a couple of bursts.

Considering the rain that has finally fallen int he area we were actually incredibly lucky to have some decent weather to shoot in. Good stormy clouds without the actual camera drenching floods that follow. I'm looking forward to a weekend workshop in the Berg now with most of the same group of students. Hopefully we'll be lucky enough to have a repeat of the weather performance of the St Lucia Workshop.

Of course as the end of the year rolls ever nearer, so too does the final Landscape Workshop of the Year. If anyone is interested in attending be sure to contact me or Kate Nelson at Wild Mountain Adventures to secure a booking (wildmountain@polka.co.za).

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