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Monday, July 26, 2010

Low Light Micro Workshop

Saturday evening was the first, and very successful, micro-workshop that was held in Durban. Although the above image wasn't shot on the workshop (I was a tad busy teaching :)) it's representational of the kind of photographs that were being created by the workshop-goers (Many thanks to Claire, Melissa, Cheryl, Joan, Brian, Bev and Rose for joining me on the evening). They certainly had more than the photography to contend with, as passers-by were continually asking questions as to what they were up to. You can see them all hard at work in the grab shot on the right.

Low light photography tends to be somewhat daunting to beginner photographers, and even some amateurs who have been photographing for years. In reality, it is ridiculously easy. Twilight's the time to be out there with a camera and tripod! I will be running this workshop again in the future so stay tuned for further updates. I'll also have a tutorial on the website in the near future for some photographic bedtime reading.

Oh, and for anyone wanting a great twilight subject, the lighthouse at Umhlanga is fantastic! Lots of different colours all mingling together to make a kaleidoscope of your image.

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