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Monday, April 11, 2016

Street Photography Workshop with Myllo Menorah

Photographing people on the street has to be one of the most daunting things that a photographer can do. Some of us look at street photographers of yore as well as of today and are incredulous as to how they manage to do it. What exactly is that secret sauce that allows photographers to approach complete strangers in the street and create photographs of them? This has long been a question of mine too, and one which I grapple with constantly when I shoot on assignment. Enter, Myllo Menorah, a Durban based street photographer whose work is truly inspiring, brave and filled with pathos. Nagging and tugging on his arm and has finally relented and agreed to run a street photography workshop a small group of photographers. 

Join Myllo for a day (11th May) in a peri-urban area photographing residents and people on the street. Not only will we be actively creating images, there will also be a feedback session over images shot and printed on the day along with a theoretical session on the theory and ethics of street photography. 

There is only space for three photographers to join Myllo on the 11th of May. Cost for the workshop which includes three A4 prints is R1575 per photographer. Please email or call to secure a booking for the workshop. If there is very strong interest, Myllo will run a second workshop. 

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